SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB 160 MB/s CompactFlash Memory Card – Black/Gold/Red

October 26, 2018 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Fast camera demands a fast card!!! I,ve always used sandisk CF cards and their reliability has been spot on, any owners of the very fast canon 7d mk2 will know this camera needs cards with fast write speeds, i,m glad to say this card is perfect for the 7d.After running tests with my older cards there was a massive difference, the buffer would empty in just a few seconds, the older cards would take upto 40 seconds.With the buffer full i was able to still fire the shutter the continually around one shot per…

Anonymous says:

Extreme and Pro….the Only way to go I use these cards in my Nikon D800.Never let me down, used in conjunction with the Extreme Pro SD Cards in the same camera, they work tirelessly.Super fast transfer rates too, which is handy when transferring D800 NEF files at 45mb’s each.A 16GB card holds 200 shots from a Nikon D800 at highest NEF size.

Anonymous says:

Never miss a shot! I have been umming and ahhing about buying this card for some time. Immediately you think ” yes, I need more memory for my camera!” More is better, yes? Well, not always. There is always the temptation to buy the biggest you can. But, one thing anyone who uses memory cards for a while will tell you, if they go, they will always go at the most inopportune time. Sometimes its better to buy smaller cards and then transfer them to and from your Camera (I use mine in my Canon EOS 50D)…

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