SanDisk SDSDB-064G-B35 64 GB SDXC Class 4 Memory Card – Blue (Label May Change)

February 1, 2018 - Comment


Danny Valentine says:

Decent Trial and error. What Class chip is acceptable for trail cams. I have run everything up to Class 10 Ultras. With the price of some through the roof. This is one sturdy little card for a really good price. My recommendation-how about,I’m buying more and so are my friends and clients.Bear Guide Wisconsin.This SD card format is already obsolete, however my camcorder won’t recognize any newer class card beyond Class 4. Because stocks are dwindling for Class 4 cards, I bought 5 of…

Conor Daws says:

All You Could Need And Want For Every Day Use SanDisk SDSDB-064G-B35Delivery : Nice and simple came quick no fuss or hassle needed, small enough to be dileverd through a letter box so no need to wait in for the deilvery ( be careful may not be the same case for you if you buyt multiple items it may come in a larger box from amazon)Product : You get a lot for your money !!! 12.99 for a 60GB memory card you cannot complain, you can expore other products that offer faster and more efficent cards however unless you are…

Bertie Fox says:

Not entirely reliable with HD video camera Fine for the price but I have found using it with my Panasonic 520 HD video/still camera, that several times the file has been corrupted and I lose one or more video clips or photographs. I have reformatted the disk a couple of times in the camera but the same problem continues to occur.Of course I cannot prove that the fault is the card rather than the camera, but I rather suspect this is the case and there are bad sectors on the disk. But for the low price, I really should not…

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