Transcend 32GB Premium microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter

July 15, 2018 - Comment
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Robert Cunningham says:

Lucky to get 3 stars… Performed well and I had no complaints up to the point it went into a read only state and exhibited random but differing upon each run read errors, this was after only three years of light use. Memory cards should last five years and longer under normal use and, touch wood, I’ve not had any problems with the other memory cards I own.Now going into a red only state (seems to be occurring more often nowadays apparently) is good in terms of being able to get a lot of your data off the…

R. F. Stevens says:

Good memory chip, easily fast enough for basic tablets, phones and cameras This 64GB class 10 micro SDXC x400 chip from Transcend is ideal for the normal tablets and phones which can use the high data transfer speeds, and are always short of storage for all those pictures and Apps. For something faster however, buy an SDXC with Extreme speed ratings.It also works well with most of the modern miniature cameras such as the or a…

L. Rodrigues says:

After just over 1 year of use I now have 2 perfectly good READ ONLY micro SD cards – NOT happy! Had 2 of these cards failing in the same way after just over 1 year of use: they simple became read-only. One was in use on a Transcend dash cam and the other on a Android mobile phone.The mobile phone one made the phone crash – as soon as I took the card out the phone was back to normal. Card is readable on a PC but can’t format or delete data.The dash cam one was only noticed as I wanted to see some footage but all that was on the card was over 2 months old – the camera never…

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