Transcend 4 GB Premium SDHC Memory Card

May 31, 2018 - Comment
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JMcGregor says:

A bit suspect… First thing i should say is i have ordered many of these cards in the past, and always been very pleased. However with my latest card, i noticed that it wasnt sliding into the camera body quite as smoothly as the others. dont get me wrong, it still works – but a thicker than usual card really does point to either warped goods (poor storage by seller perhaps?) or fake goods. Either of these could be true or false, im making no accusations, but i sure wont be buying from this seller again -…

mart55 says:

Amazing For that money, that memory card is absolutely great.It works perfectly in my bridge camera and I recommend it!I haven’t notice any difference at all in the speed (class 10?), but my pictures are not as heavy for notice a difference on it.For me, it doesn’t worth it to spend money in expensive memory cards when you can have this one!I would buy it again if I need a new one.

Terry says:

Happy Hi I bought this with very mixed views, although so well priced it was worth any risk and I must say I am 100% happy…I take a great deal of pictures and expect good results and found this little card up to the job….with easy downloads and great amount of space…even on the finest settings on my camera I get over 600 good photos..excellent…terry

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