Transcend 4GB 133x Ultra Speed Compact Flash Card

April 27, 2018 - Comment
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markh5682 says:

Excellent card at this price. I bought this card to use in my Canon EOS 50D and it has worked perfectly so far with no problems at all.It is fast enough to take a burst of shots on the jpeg + Raw setting @ 6.3 frames per second with no loss of speed that I could detect, even on longer bursts.Read speed is also fast as it only takes a short time to download a large number of jpeg + raw files direct from the camera onto the PC via the camera`s own usb cable, with no read/write errors so far. (It may be…

Julian Hughes says:

Much slower than advertised, also compatibility issues. 133x should be achieve a maximum transfer rate of about 21 MB/s. This card can’t. In fact you can’t even *read* data at anything like that speed, let alone write it.Real world measurements:Read test, performed 3 times: # for i in 1 2 3; do hdparm -tT /dev/sdc1; doneThe second figure in each case is the significant one. The first figure only refers to the buffer while the second is the real world read performance./dev/sdc1: Timing cached…

Barry Sheen says:

How is your memory ? As I use this product for recording music, rather than taking photos, I have used Transcend flash cards for 6 years or more, and find them an excellent product. The 32GB gives me 6 hours recording space. I can recommend this product.

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